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Friends, Business is an endless mission filled with surprises and daily challenges, Even if you are lucky to have loads of money, still entrepreneurship is a challenge,  Studies show that 90% of New businesses close down within 1 year of starting of the business, the reasons can be many and primarily due to  lack of clear "Action Plan" or half hearted " Planned Action", others who are successful works in harmoney where company and employees are driven with a clear visison and mission, are system driven and customer centric.  Spend your time, money and efforts wisely.  at tmo world you and me are a team of like minded people  who are working for mutual success and growth.

5 Reasons, Why you should be a Seller on 

1. Ease of starting a business store : market place is created after 25 years of my personal experiance in fmcg , 6 years of my research as a business consultant  trying to find out  why businessess fail with real time experience in guiding them towards success. My strategy is Win Win, When you  Win we Win,  Taazameatonline encourages #entrepreneurship and we support you in all steps towards success. Tmo market place, gives you full #freedom to add, edit, price and promote your products,  reports, data, its your store, you control it, customers visit your store, selects the product or service, pays for it n places the order, you process the order and  your payment is deposited in your bank account. Now you can Focus all your energies on your business development.

2.  Time is Money:  taazameatonline, Saves money, saves time and saves efforts, generally it takes around Rs.30,000 to Rs. 50,000 to Design and start an #ecommerce website,  you will also have to spend more, periodically,  upto Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000/- on upgrades, #renewals, security services, payment gateways, seo, smm, new feature addition, maintenance and also need to spend more time daily on monitoring siteup time management, at taazameatonline, its all free for you., we are also creating space where you can post your man power requirements, material requirements and other needs. This service is also free for you.

3. SMM- Social Media Marketing is a regular spend approx Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000/- just to mark your presence, Other than this, you also  need to work on #discounts, coupons, #loyalty points, offers to continue the customer interest. at we assit you and take care of all the above and do it free for you by sharing your page link randomly in our SMM accounts.

4. Offers :    You can decide your store offers, along with that customers also benefit from tmo world offers and promos which go directly to your customers, also #promotes multiple #offers, #referral plans to the customers, additionally. this will help maintain customer interest and repeat your sales. we also train you on business development strategies. 

5.  Big Market Place at a single page:  Time is Money, as a customer we prefer speed and convenience,  some times it may cost us less if we go to make a purchase on our own,  but in todays fast life, most of the time there is no time to loose time, which infact will cost us more, at taazameatonline we provide a big #marketplace to all customers where they can find all their useful products at a single point, with home delivery. This facility is not only good for the customer but also for the sellers. I Invite you to  join taazameatonline as a seller at just Rs.50/- per month* and show your products to the world. ( we also have other plans to suit your growth plans) 

for more details email to or msg on 7330665651

Srihari rao

B. Sc, M. Sc ( psychology) 

Business Management -IIM Lucknow

Supply chain Management- IIT Delhi