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TMO Referral Plan Benefits to Members




 Namaste, Welcome to, your friendly and community driven market place connecting all buyers  & sellers.

Why you should be a member & seller on community market place?

 friends, (tmo) is an 100% business venture with a vision of community devlopment.

our business plan works on sharing the profit with member customers than making them dependent on discounts. We are working to onboard select direct sellers who will sell at a special basic cost  and the consumers benefits with the pricing . the sellers inturn get more buyers and improves his business transactions and compensate the margins.

Please Note : there is no reselling unlike other networking or MLM companies,

Reading time - 30 minutes.  Please go through the details below.


1.       No Platform fee

2.       No Membership fee- Its lifetime free

3.       No Hidden charges

4.    Free Insurance coverage for Self & Spouse* terms and conditons apply

4.       Life time referrals to earn with unlimited 5 levels( A- BCDEF)  referral income added to wallet directly with a monthly wallet of Rs.10,000/-* per month, spend at will at any tmo store &  reddem for goods, groceries & services for free on taazameatonline stores*

5.       Other membership advantages like free health checkups, free gifts & complements, free travel, free services* for eligible members

Why you should be a member of referral plan

only taazameatonline is sharing the profits with its member customers, at other stores you buy, but at taazameatonline you Redeem the Profits.

Definition of an  Active member :  a registered member who buys any product or service of his choice for a value of  atleast Rs.149/- per month & every month  from any of the listed stores in his pincode area on  ( This condition is a MUST for all members to follow and be eligible for the membership benefits) 


Insurance : Life is always uncertain: 

1)      Accidental death insurance 

a)  All Members who are active in system for at least  4 months continuously with at least 1 -2 self-purchases per month  will get free Rs.5.00 lakh accidental death insurance, Insurance is valid for next 1 full year

b)   All  Members who are active  in system for at least 8 months continuously with at least 1 -2 self-purchases per month will also get free Rs.5.00 lakh accidental death insurance for Spouse, Insurance is valid for next 1 full year

Health Checkup: 

2)    6 B's  -  All members active every month for 1 full year with at least 1 purchase & referring and adding at least 6 active Bs in 1 year, will get free health checkup for Self & Spouse also


3 The best Deal:  Health insurance for self and spouse : ( a cashless health card exclusively for you & spouse )

     Conditions:  ( a)  All members who are active in system every month & continuously for 1 year  from the date of code generation with at least 2 self-purchases per month in 12 months, ( b )  referred and made  at least  2 active B's / Month = to 24 active B’s in 1 year  under him from the date of code generation, will be eligible for Rs.3,00,000/- ( Three lakhs only ) worth health insurance coverage free  including for self*  & Spouse*  too valid for 1 full year.  its mandatory for a member to fulfill both the above conditions to be eligible for health insurance without any exception. 

         Max age up to 60 years only, to fulfill the requirements of the insurance company*. *(Policy issuance and settlement of claims is at the sole discretion of the insurance company only), TMO will pay for the premium amount directly to the insurance company.  Incase If you are not eligible for health insurance , TMO will credit the same amount value into your wallet.


Spreading Happiness: Only One Life to Live, Live it fully

4)      Happy Birthday : all members active for 1 full year with at least  2 purchases per month every month, added at least 1 Active B every month & has at least 6 active B's in 1 year & 12 C's from the date of code generation under him in an years’ time will get Raymond’s shirt & Pant/ or pattu saree & a 1 kg Cake on Members birthday

5)      Happy Marriage Anniversary: All members active for 1 full year with atleast 2 purchases per month,  adding  9 B's & 18 C's in 1 year from the date of code generation,  will get 1 Raymond’s shirt & pant,  a pattu saree for spouse, 1 Kg Cake,   & Rs. 5,000 cash wallet .

6)   Take your First flight with TMO STAR:  All members active for 1 full year with atleast  2 purchases per month every month, added  3 active B's every month = 36 active  B's under him in 1 year will Get fully sponsored 3 days holiday package trip in India via flight by tmo for the member & 1 more partner with a cash wallet of Rs.10,000/-.  ( team levels to be achieved within 1 year of coding) 

7)  20:20 - Make a team of 20 Active B's & 20 Active C's in 6 months from the date of code generation and Get a fully paid holiday trip of 3 days to  Andaman for self & also a cash wallet of Rs.10,000/-  . ( team levels to be achieved within 6 months of coding) 

8)  All members active for 1 full year with atleast 2 purchases per month,  adding atleast 1 active B  per month = 12 B's in 1 year from the date of code generation, and also  achieved downline team level of  24 C's & 36 D's , 48 C's will get , a fully paid 3 days holiday package to location of their choice in India by flight  &  Rs. 20,000 cash wallet . ( team levels to be achieved within 1 year of coding) 

Business Head

9)   As an entrepreneur, you can launch TMO market place in your area listed on tmo website, Refer and activate Minimum 50 stores & activate 100 direct Members under you every month  in your registered address pincode area only from the day of 1st store referral and get Rs.10,000/- in your wallet, you are free to add any number of stores. You also get Referral points on the members purchase, you are also eligible for the above member benefits as mentioned in this page.   Condition : all stores should be active and all members should be active in system every month. Note - New Store Registration & New Member registration is absolutely free. 


Dear Members, all the above offers are absolutely free for all registered, but benefits of memberships are only for active members who fulfill the mentioned terms and conditions only. 

       all the above mentioned offers are planned to improve your quality of life and to address the major issued faced by the Indian citizens. 

Tmo is here to serve the best possible features which we keep upgrading based on the available resources,  thus we have ensured that as a member you will be eligible to earn level wise or referral wise benefits  with very simple terms and conditions to redeem them so that you become eligible for maximum benefits. 

 Keep referring , keep adding new members and enjoy the life time referral benefits only with  community driven referral plan. Please go through the terms and conditions to be eligible for the above benefits and incase of any extra clarity needed please mail to 

Terms and conditions apply* 

Friends, taazameatonline is an e-com platform, where we identify and choose , only the very best  service providers in your pin code area who meet the parameters of quality and price so that a seller  gets more business and a buyer gets a better price , best quality,  unmatched offers and a happy experience.

Please go through this brochure:

Process , terms and important conditions:

1.       Register as a Member (its life time free) and generate your unique Membership code

2.       Make your first purchase to activate your code & wallet, buy at least once in a month from any of the listed stores to be active in system.

3.       As an up line “ A” , you are free to refer & add any number of “B’s” under you in your life time,  anywhere, any town, where all TMO has its business presence. Build your referral team and enjoy the referral benefits starting with fmcg, fmcd, travel and tourism, services, health care, insurance and many more features being added from time to time.

4.       A minimum value purchase every month Is must to keep your code active, and only active codes will be credited with referral wallet points, else you loose them.

5.       All the wallets points can be used/redeemed as products or services only, but cant be enchased as money, any misuse or misrepresentation of the facility will lead to cancellation of membership

6.       Wallet points can be redeemed from stores of choice, but a member Customer  will have to pay taxes and delivery fee extra on his own, they cant be redeemed form wallet points.

7.       A purchase made by down line member using the referral points will not earn you any new referral points, the wallet points come from only cash purchases only

8.       A member should not purchase for others and not deliver  to other addresses  on behalf of others, all products will be delivered to his registered address only

9.       A member can’t change his up line once  registered ,  incase he still wants to change, then he will have to register as a new customer and he looses all previous team and benefits.

10.   Referral Plan:   How it works?  Min. purchase value for every member to be active is Rs.149/- per month to be active in system and to be eligible to earn referral values. The Max value for referral calculation is Rs. 2,000/- per bill. Customers can buy unlimited times from any store listed.

Referral Process :

level 1- As an “A” you earn 5% referral points on   purchase of say Rs.500/- made by B = Rs. 25/-


level-2 when your “B” refers a “C” then on a purchase of Rs.500/- , the “B” earns 5% i.e, Rs.25/- & you as “ A” also earn 50% of what “B” earns, i.e 2.50% = Rs. 12.50,


level -3 , when a “C” refers a “D” then “ C” earns 5% on D’s Purhcase = Rs.25, B gets Rs.12.50/- & A too earns Rs. 6.25/-


level-4 , when a “D” refers a “E” then “ D” earns 5% on E’s Purchase = Rs.25, C gets Rs.12.50/- & B earns Rs. 6.25/- & Upline “A” too earns 50% of B’s income = Rs.3.25/-


level -5, when a “E” refers  “F” then “ E” earns 5% on F’s Purchase = Rs.25, D gets Rs.12.50/- & C earns Rs. 6.25/-, B earns Rs. 3.25 & Up line “A” too earns 50% of B’s income = Rs.1.625/-


Summary : in this model A earns referral wallet points from all 5 levels from the purchases made by B up to F,  A is free to add any number of B’s in his life time.


There is No referral commission claw back, No Left leg or right leg balance required, No need to make costly purchases, No Selling needed, No leg breaks,  you will keep getting referral money in wallet whenever your referred members is active in system.  All you have to do is just be an active member customer ( means, shop for any product  of your choice for a value of atleast  Rs. 149/- in a month , every month ( Must ) from any of the tmo listed stores in your area only, explain your friends the multiple advantages of being a member of TMO customer, build your team of active members and redeem the wallet points every month ( Must ) , else they expire.


You can see your down line details like no. of active and inactive member ,  purchases made by members, regularity of purchases, wallet points.  You will also receive mails/messages from admin with updates.

You can also see all the updates in your members page

All the invoices are sent through email to eliminate paper usage.


USP of TMO market place :

1.       Simple plan where you as a member are only a consumer, you are not selling any products or services, but only enjoying, thus no pressure on you like with other networking companies

2.       No targets

3.       Multiple offers

4.       Simple processes with very minimal conditions

5.       You just need to keep referring your friends and relatives and share your membership code with them and expand your downline count. More the members, more the benefits for you.



1.       Wife and husband are  called 1 member and issued 1 code

2.       Only married children can have the same address  and separate code if staying with parents.

3.       Only 1 delivery address is approved per member, all deliveries will happen to this address only.

4.       A member can order from his pincode or the nearest pincode to his residence area only.

5.       The members needs to be active in system with atleast minimum 1 purchase every month to redeem the wallet points, else the wallet points will expire.

6.       The member needs to refer and add members to get referral points which will be added to his wallet on the event of purchases made by his active downlines.

7.       Don’t take extra ids in the family members name like son or daughter, prefer to add friends and relatives and expand your referral network .

8.       Insurance approval is based on the health conditions of the members, its upto to the insurance company to accept and issue the insurance proposal, issue the policy or reject the policy. Taazameatonline has no role to play in the issuance of or process of insurance claims.

9.       Members should Not do any type of paper , sms, banner activities or any other unauthorized media advertisement to add members or promote the referral plan , doing so will lead to cancellation of account.

10.   A member is free to share his code with friends in smm groups and share the link of taazameatonline website, he can explain the benefits to members but should not extract or circulate printouts or circulate in digital formats to explain the membership benefits to customers, any violation will lead to the cancellation of the membership.

11.   An existing member can’t change the up line code, to change, he will have to cancel the existing code and rejoin as a new member.

12.   A couple should have only 1 joint code, multiple codes of the same will lead to cancellation of both the codes.

13.   All state taxes, delivery charges, applied in invoice.

14.   Integrity, trust, honesty will be the key factors to the taazameatonline community referrals. No short cut is accepted.

15.   Being a community driven program, we encourage happiness and well being of members, all members are requested to take a printout of the referral plan and then participate and discuss with your friends and relatives.


Other Benefits to members

1.       Other than the wallet points , Members will also be able to utilize the store offers offered by stores like available coupons, discounts, freebies etc. etc.

2.       Active members will also be eligible for regular contests.

3.       Active members will be eligible for other benefits like free insurance and other offers on meeting certain membership levels which will be communicated on website.

4.       If you have a business you can list it for free on taazameatonline market place and sell your products

New towns:

1.       We are expanding our business presence, you too can suggest a good town or area and support us., but to do this we need atleast 5 sellers and 25 buyers( members ) to start the new area code.

2.       Our business is 100% online with a GST bill, thus we maintain all transparency on buying and selling .

3.       For new shop registration fssai / gst / any valid govt shop license is mandatory to apply.

 membership  terms and conditions also apply, conditions can also be changed from time to time to improve the business efficiency and market conditions.  For more details please visit or write to