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Dear Customer, Please go through the general terms and agreement to participate in this Cash back plan and only after your acceptance  the above offer of incentives will be effective & applicable in your name.
  • the total Cashback is presently capped at Rs.10,000/- ( Ten Thousand Only) PER MEMBER, Per month irrespective of the number of downlines referral team under him/her. The management reserves the right to change to cashback limit upwards or downwards in future at its discretion.
  • cash back to be redeemed within 28/29/30/31st of that particular month
  • ALL VALUES EARNED TO BE REDEEMED AS SELECTED PRODUCTS ONLY , the list of the items to redeemed will be displayed on website from time to time
  • ThePresent Cashback incentives are applicable for one year from the date of joining & after completing one year of registtion, all customers will be SHIFTED TO NEW SLAB OF INCENTIVES slabs
  • The registered Customer/MEMBER SHOULD BE ACTIVE IN SYSTEM and make atleast 1 new purchase EVERY MONTH TO REDEEM THE accumulated INCENTIVES of the month
  • ALL cashback EARNED TO BE REDEEMED AS SELECTED PRODUCTS ONLY, no option to redeem as cash or any other offer other than the offerered products
  • Every MEMBER SHOULD BE ACTIVE IN SYSTEM by making a minimum purchase of atleast Rs. 550/- & above EVERY MONTH TO be called active & REDEEM THE accumulated INCENTIVES, else they expire.
  • all products sold at taazameatonline are for domestic use of the customer at home only and not for resale
  • no returns and no exchange Of any PRODUCTS ONCE DELIVERED EXCEPT ANY QUALITY ISSUE OR PRODUCT MISMATCH, warrangy / Guarantee of any third party products sold will be serviced by the third part seller only and not by taazameatonline
  • non redeemed values of the said month will expire automatically after the due date, No option to redeem back in any situation
  • only 1 member per family to order, no immediate family members to be allowed ( de duplication will lead to cancellation of the code )
  • only one mobile no.allowed for registration and to be verified via otp
  • only one email id, to be verified
  • any i.d proof to authenticate
  • taazameatonline reserves the right to change the product pricing, pack size , offers , promos , edit the levels of cash back incentive & Levels wise value incentives any time at its sole discretion. The decision of taazameatonline cant be challenged by the customer once accepted
  • tds applicable in case
  • a customer is free to add any no. Of direct referrals UNDER HIM in his life time
  • In General The code of the customer member will be active for life time untill or unless the company find the customer violating any of the agreed points.
  • code is not tranferrrable to any body else except wife/ son/daughter
  • all stocks will be delivered to the customers billing address only ( billing and shipping address to be same)
  • Strictly, taazameatonline cashback plan is not a business concept, its purely for domestic customers to redeem their loyalty points and not to seen or used as a source of income, thus a Customer advjsed not to promote the concepts of taazameatonline in any social media platform, should not promote his code via adevertisements, violation will lead to cancellation of the cash back code
  • customers are requested to highlight any quality issues directly to taazameatonline management and get a free product replacement by reaching via email or contact Numbers. There is no option to do cash refund for cash back points.
  • the only option to record the sales is making purchases by you through the taazameatonline website only. Any puchases made via any other options will not be considered as a genuine sales to support the cash back, No COD facillity is available.
  • the customer agrees to receive the promo information of taazameatonline via sms / or to his/her registered email i.d & should never block them.
  • there is no registration fee, joining or membership fee at taazameatonline. All other customers who have not opted for the cash back membership are free to purchase at will
  • the members are free to refer any number of friends, but, only at any location where taazameatonline has a delivery service, the information will be shared with customers and also on taazameatonline website.
  • Meat and other products are frozen and should be maintained in -20 temperatures only and to be consumed as per the instructions and use by date mentioned on the product only . The management reserves the right to ask you the purpose of purchasing larger quantity of meat.
  • Strictly , No incentive is paid for referring a friend but only on purchase made by the new joinee which goes as described in the flow chard=t – you as ” A” refer “B” & you as ” A” will get a referral cash back on any purchase made by “B” with a maximum cash back value of Rs. 50/- ( fifty Only),
  • all rights reserved with taazameatonline management, any dispute , the decision of taazameatonline will be final and by agreeing to the terms & conditions of the agreement you agree to abide by final decision of taazameatonline management.