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The Nirvana Pack – for a Happy Soul – its time to Rejunuvate your Body & Soul – pamper your self fully

Dear Foodies, Welcome to taazameatonline,  your ISO 9001:2015 & FSSAI certified store in Hyderabad.

The ” Nirvana” Pack for a Happy Soul by taazameatonline, a hand picked combo. ( a full day meal plan ) Just Relax and Destress.

its time to rejunuvate the body and soul , enjoy the Nirvana Pack. ( all packs will be delivered by 8.30  – 9.30 a.m to your address.

The Pack is enough to keep 3   Souls happy.

  1. Breakfast :  Ready to Eat –  Fried Chicken Salami  / pork Salami 200 gms  pack,  fried Chicken / Pork Sausages – 200 gms ,  tomato sauce , 12 Brown bread slices, 6 boiled eggs fried in Garlic pepper, 3 fresh banana / apple, 2 water bottles  – Cottage Aqua Brand  – 1 ltr pack .

2. Lunch : Ready to Eat –  Braised Chicken curry ( without skin )  250 gms ,  chicken / pork masala frankfurters 200 gms,   9  ready to cook Rotis, 3 Fresh Cup Curd 100 GMS ,  3 pieces  sweet

3. Evening Snack  – Ready to Eat  – 200 gms  chicken / pork sausages fried in butter  & 100 gms mix of  Roasted Dry  fruits combo ( CASHEWS, RAISINS, ALMONDS), 100 gms Seeded Dates

4. Dinner :  Ready to Eat –  spicy Prawns curry in lemon  gravy  – 250 gms  & 6 ready to cook Rotis, fruit yoghurt 3 cups.

So Natural , So Fresh &  So Good. Its time to Gift your self a healthy Meat.

 FRESH &  STERILE meat, UV treated for sterility during packing & also before delivery.

Be safe be sure with NO artificial colours, No flavours, NO preservatives.

Order online www.taazameatonline.com     

3,001.95 3,148.95

The Nirvana Pack – for a Happy Soul – a hand picked combo


250 gms, 500 gms, 1 kg