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Pork belly cubes MARINATED for fry mix ( Tender boneless Pork Belly Meat with skin 250 gms ) Ready to Cook

Pork belly cubes MARINATED for fry mix ( 250 gms boneless pork Meat with skin ) full meat, Enriched with original spices , natural apple vinegar used.

( contains : Cleaned , pork Boneless Belly Meat cubes with skin, Green chilli slices, Curry leaves, Pepper corns 50 g, Paprika 50 g, Garlic Pods 2 bulbs, Red chilli powder, iodised salt, Garam masala spices, turmeric, ginger garlic paste, onion slices, little oil, cumin powder,  1 spoon soy sauce,  fruit vinegar ).

filled with natural spices,NO M SG No Preservatives, No artificial Colours, just natural as you.

Take the pack out of your freezer, Let it thaw for 10 minutes.

Need a Cooker – just heat the Cooker, put on low flame, add a spoon of oil , add some zeera to the oil, add some fresh sliced onions, fry for 5 minutes, just unload all the mix in the pack , fry slowly for uniform mix,  fry for 5 more minutes, now add 250 ml of water ( 1 glass full ) cover the cooker with lid, let it cook for 15-20 minutes, 6 whistles. switch off and let it rest to release the gas .
slow cooking will help even cooking and avoid burning of the masala.

It takes around 30 – 40 minutes for the yummy Pork belly cubes to fry mix. Open the lid, press one piece with your thump for softness, if done now cut some fresh coriander leaves and garnish.

Hope you are now smelling the original spices & Pork belly cubes  fry mix aroma. please add salt to taste.
squeeze some lemon juice, sprinkle some garam masala if you like more spicy.

Its done, serve hot with love. taazameatonline

Simplify life with taazameatonline products.
the pre-marinated meat range helps all the spices touching deep and give a fantastic aroma to the meat. taazameatonline.com

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Pork belly cubes MARINATED for fry mix ( Tender boneless Pork Belly Meat with skin 250 gms ) Ready to Cook