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Pork Belly Cubes Dry Fried Assamese style – a Yummy Snack ( Ready to Eat 500 gms ) – Recipe Shared By Mr. Devasish B

Dear Foodies, Welcome to taazameatonline.

Today Sharing a wonderful recipe with cooking process as detailed by Mr. Devasish  : Dry Fried Assamese Pork belly cubes.

A Short Bio – of  Mr. Devasish : 

 An IT Program Management expert by profession, a foodie by passion and a movie buff. Loves to explore different kinds of cuisines and culture and travel.   Cooking for friends and family is an hobby. Presently Settled at Hyderabad, Happily. God Bless.

India is a beautiful country, North East recipes are really unique with more boiled meat & less in oil . Assamese and Nagas prefer simple cooking.  They prefer to use traditional & locally available herbs and spices.

Ingredients & Process for Pork belly cubes dry fried : 

The Pork fry is slow cooked to assimilate all the flavours of herbs and spices into the meat.  Cooking time is approx 3 hours.

1. For this recipe, you should go for either spare ribs or belly cut with skin and fat. Lean cuts would not do bring out the emotions for this preparation.
2. Have the meat cut into medium to large sized cubes with skin-fat-meat layered (as you can see in the picture).
3. Wash the meat pieces well (normal tap water should do) and put them in a deep and wide heavy bottom pot for braising.
4. The trick here is to put enough water to cover all the meat pieces and fill water up at least 2 inch more than the level of meat. I use filtered (RO) water for braising. Ideally if you braise without putting any lid on the pot at full flame/ heat works better.
5. Discard the impurities once they come out. Have the water changed should you insist.
6. Now let the meat shimmer (put a lid on the pot now) till the meat (meaning the meat portion) becomes tender to your liking. (Hack – pressure cook if you are in a hurry).
7. Once the meat is cooked per your preference, drain out the water and let the meat cool down a bit.
8. On a bowl/ wide plate take a fine paste of ginger and garlic (I prefer to prepare/ use freshly made), red chilli powder (I had used dried Bhut Jolokiiya [Ghost pepper] powder), a table spoon of lemon juice/ vinegar and a tea spoon of dark soya sauce. Put the meat and mix well.
9. Now take a heavy bottom flat wide pan (I had used a cast iron pan) and start on the fire/ heat.
10. Ideally, you should not use any additional oil/ grease to fry, put the pieces which have more fat on the pan once hot. The pan would be self lubricating with the grease from the pork fat. Now put all pieces one by one and sheer them well on all the sides. (time taking process).
11. Let them get roasted (in terms of color and tenderness).
12. I had garnished with spring onions and green chilli. Serve hot and enjoy.

all ingredients are cleaned, cut with great care and loaded with lots of commitment to hygine.

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Pork Belly Cubes Dry Fried Assamese style – a Yummy Snack ( Ready to Eat 500 gms ) – Recipe Shared By Mr. Devasish B