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Chicken Honeymoon Pack ( boneless chicken meat) 7 Nights Individually packed Marinated Meat Total -1500 grams – Ready to cook Recipe

3,300.15 3,675.00

Food is about so much more than nutrition—it’s one of the most personal expressions of our cultures, values, and traditions.

The Chicken Honeymoon pack is more about bringing the couples together,  shared together and cook for each other. This pack is aimed to explore the personal, untold stories of  being each other and bring the souls closer than ever. 

Marinated Chicken Honeymoon Pack ( boneless chicken meat)

Chicken Honeymoon Pack goes well with pulao, naan or roti.  soft on taste , A Special Mix for Special U, 100 g x 7 packs . Each pack is enriched with a Unique blend of very very special Herbs, Spices & Dry fruits for taking you both to a Heavenly Mood ) , 7 Days individually packed Kit .   This is makes it an ideal pack for all married couples who want to explore more about each other. 

( contains :  Neat & Cleaned Chicken  pieces marinated in special desi ghee, fried onions, Ginger Garlic Paste,  Cinnamon, very mild cilli Powder,  Turmeric Powder,  Cumin Powder,  curry leaves,  coriander powder, Salt as per taste) 

The pack also contains separately packed dry fruits, raisins, almonds, pistachios,  honey, special Natural herbs like ashwagandha , Goat Weed Powder ( epimedium grandiflorum) , ginseng powder which  are well described in ayurvedic books &  known to help elevate the mood. finally add the dry fruits and herbs to the cooked meat and consume. Now for Gods sake , please dont ask me on what to do with Honey, there is no honey moon without Honey.

filled with natural spices, But,  NO MSG No Preservatives, No artificial Colours, just natural as you.

Take the pack out of your freezer, Let it thaw for 10 minutes.

Take  a non stick pan,  put little oil in the pan,  when hot put  a pack of the honey moon chicken  in it & fry for 5 minutes, cover with lid ,  fry slowly for uniform mix,  fry for another 5 minutes, now add the dry fruits and mix well. after another 5 minutes,  now switch off the stove &  add the other herbs . consume hot & fresh only.

slow cooking will help even cooking and avoid burning of the masala.

Its done, serve hot with love. 

Disclaimer: Not recommended for other than married adult couples, who are  above the legal Marriage age.

Please Note – this is a 7 nights pack and to be consumed continuous 7 nights as per instruction & for married adults only.

Its not a medicine nor to be used or claimed as a medicine for any treatment but just as a placebo for elevating the happy mood & just for adding more fun to life.