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Chicken Liver & Chicken Gizzard curry / roast 1000 gms full meat – Ready to Eat – Recipe by Ms. Anita Nambiar

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Sharing a wonderful recipe with cooking process as detailed by Ms. Anita Nambiar  :

Chicken liver & Chicken Gizzard curry  700 gms full meat – Ready to Eat

A Short Bio – of  Ms. Anita Nambiar : 

 An IT Veteran , HR by Profession,  keen learner, pursuing a course in entrepreneurship from IIM-B, a foodie by passion. Loves to explore different kinds of cuisines and bakery products with a clear vision to setup her own food products company.   Cooking new varieties for family is an hobby.  Settled at Hyderabad, Happily.   God Bless.

Ingredients :

1.  Chicken liver & Chicken Gizzard curry / roast) 100 gms full meat – Ready to Eat 

small cut pieces of chicken boneless, 500 gms , cleaned chicken liver 300 grams, cleaned Chicken gizzards 200 gms & few hearts.

mixed with all herbs & spices ( red chilli, turmeric, ginger paste, garlic paste, pepper powder, cinnamon powder, garam masala, coriander powder, green coriander, curry leaves)

slow roasted to prevent burning of masalasapprox. time – 2 hours. Keep stirring in-between for uniform gravy.

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Chicken Liver & Chicken Gizzard ) 1000 gms full meat – Ready to Eat – Recipe by Ms. Anita Nambiar