” Dear Customer, the Minimum Purchase Value is Rs. 750/- only including free delivery” – Get 1 Quail Bird Marinated in Spices worth Rs.120/- complementary with your every Order , Get 2 Quails worth Rs. 240/-, complementary on Rs. 1,000/- & above,, Get 3 Marinated Quails full birds complementary worth Rs. 360/- complementary on Rs. 1,500/- & above ” Taazameatonline
Spicy Marinated Quail Recipe : Super Cleaned Quail full bird, Veg Oil, Red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt to taste, coriander powder, garam masala powder, pepper powder, fresh GGP paste, peri peri powder, oregano powder, pinch of pepper powder, little lime juice for that extra tanginess & lots of love – No colors, no preservatives, no flavours- Taazameatonline
” Dear Customer, You save more when you order more, the same is passed back to you as extra meat offers – Get 1 Quail Bird Marinated in Spices worth Rs.120/- complementary with your every, Order above Rs. 1,000/- & get 2 Quails complementary worth Rs.240/-, BUY ANY MEAT worth Rs. 1,500/- and above & Get 3 Marinated Quails complementary worth Rs. 360/- free” Taazameatonline
” Dear foodies, Safety is a continuous exercise Since 2016 , we have been following ISO 9001:2015 & fssai standards. installed a UV (ultraviolet light) sterilizer to ensure 100% sterility. Eat healthy live happy.” – Taazameatonline
Happy to announce the launch of the 1st Taazameatonline Store in Kukatpally Area – Taazameatonline
No Compromise on Health & Hygiene- We sell only Stamped Mutton as per Govt Rules – Taazameatonline
Safety First – Nothing More Good than Good Health, All our products are packed & sealed in a leak proof, tamperproof & airtight 3 layered foil pack for your safety – Taazameatonline
Dear customer, your Satisfaction is Prime to us, but, for any reason, if, you are not satisfied with our products or services , please do not hesitate to inform us, we will be more glad to correct ourselves & Do a free replacement of the product. Call us on 7330665650. Always, Happy & Eager to Serve You. – Taazameatonline
Welcome foodies, Hunger Knows No Boundaries , No restrictions on pin codes, We are delivering to all pin codes of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. Eat Healthy Live Happy. taazameatonline.
“Dear Customer: ” No Stock-Outs & No Last Minute Order Cancellations” 100% order delivery assurance by taazameatonline”
“Dear Customer, at taazameatonline, more than business, building a lifetime relationship is what drives us ”
“Dear Customer: Buying Meat from a reliable & safer source is always a better option than Open Meat, Your decision matters ” – Trust Taazameatonline
“Dear Customer: Frozen & Packed Meat Products are more safer than Openly sold Meat ” – Taazameatonline
“Dear foodies: Choose from a wide range of Country Chicken Broiler chicken, Fresh fish, Mutton, Prawns, Pork all cuts, Dry fish, Cleaned Duck, Rabbit Meat, Quail Meat, Dry Fish ” – Taazameatonline
“Dear foodies: Dip the Meat in 2 table spoon salt water solution for 15 minutes to kill any pathogens.” – Taazameatonline
“Offer Time : Order any 1 ready to eat food and get 1 Roasted Quail complementary, Order any 2 variants of Ready to Eat & Get 3 Fried Quails complementary.” – Taazameatonline
“Dear foodies: All that Glitters is Not Gold, Avoid Openly sold Meat Products . Order fresh fish cut & cleaned ( fresh Rohu curry cut, Tilapia full fish for fry, phungus fish ( Indian Basa boneless) promise of no formalin continues. taazameatonline
“Hi foodies, explore a wide range of Fresh meat : Country Chicken, Broiler chicken , Goat & Sheep mutton , fresh fish( Rohu, Tilapia, Phungus ) Cleaned prawns Medium, Tiger, Jumbo Prawns, Dry fish Range ( anchovies, Bombay duck, ribbon fish, dry prawns, salted fish cubes, Pork – Meat, bacon, chops, sausages, ham, spare ribs, belly cubes, steaks, Boston Butt, full Quail bird cleaned, full Rabbit meat cut and cleaned , full Duck with skin, Marinated Meat, Ready to Eat range order online for Home delivery. Taazameatonline.”
“USE LESS” yes, We Use Less Packing materials which are 100% Recyclable, AVOID HARD PLASTICS & support planet earth .” – Taazameatonline

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