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Madi Kitchen

Ready to Eat : ( cooking Process)

Hi foodies, welcome to taazameatonline “Madi Kitchen”.

You are special, so are our recipes.

While we keep exploring new recipes for you to keep your taste buds excited, we also keep working on practising more hygienic ways of cooking too.

Introducing Madi way of cooking.  What is Madi Acharam?

The word Madi is used to indicate that a person is bodily pure. In order to practice Madi, the person had to wear only clothes which had been recently washed and dried, and the clothes should remain untouched by any person who was not Madi.

Limiting ourselves to following personal hygiene, Clean Kitchen & Cleaned utensils before starting the cooking process, unlike a Hotel/ Restaurant we don’t store any preboiled meat.

The meat is cooked fresh just on order & cooked  slow ( approx time is 2-3 hours) to ensure even cooking & not burning of the spices.

The Meat is dipped in a salt solution for 30 minutes to sterile it, thoroughly cleaned in R.O water thrice.

All the ingredients are pounded fresh to give you the authentic taste and aroma. The Vegetables are dipped in water for 30 minutes to eliminate any residues.

No Artificial flavours, No Synthetic Colours, No Preservatives, No reused Oil, all fresh ingredients.

 Go ahead, Gift yourself & your family a healthy food, What’s more, you are getting full meat quantity of choice, delivered hot.

You are welcome to place your orders, Eat Healthy Be Safe.



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