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Ordering online? Check FSSAI’s latest guidelines on food hygiene before receiving

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has laid down some guidelines to follow in order to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus in India.

Preventing Coronavirus: Ordering food online? Don’t miss out FSSAI’s latest guidelines on food hygiene! As the transmission rate for COVID-19 infection has been on a rise significantly, people are advised to order their essentials or food with utmost care and precautions. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has laid down some guidelines to follow in order to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus in India. It is to note that a case had come across in Delhi, where a pizza delivery man had tested positive for COVID-19 and therefore more than 70 people he had delivered pizza to were also put under quarantine. In order to avoid such conditions, one must follow proper safe and hygienic protocols before receiving the package that they have ordered.

Preventive measures to follow during delivery are as follows:
⦁ Before receiving the ordered item, always make sure that your face is covered with a mask or any other face cover.
⦁ Hands should be sanitised before taking the order and afterwards also. 
⦁ Any kind of contact with common touch points like doorbells or handles should be avoided. If it cannot be avoided, then ensure the use of sanitiser or washing hands with soap and water.
⦁ For the delivery of food essentials, the government has asked consumers to place orders via telephone or online in advance. This is expected to reduce the waiting time.
⦁ During payment, cash should be avoided. Payments, according to the government authorities, should be made via digital means like UPI, PayTM, ⦁ Google Pay, QR codes and other e-wallets.
⦁ Cashless transactions help reduce the contact with people. Even if the payment is made in cash, consumers are advised to follow hand hygiene afterwards.
⦁ In case of debit or credit card payments, make sure that the card is sanitised before it is used again.
⦁ During delivery, an even better option is contactless delivery. In this kind of delivery, the company will get the package delivered outside the door and the consumer will be made aware of the same.
All these measures require thorough consumer attention. At a time like this, your full awareness & attention to detail can help prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.