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Fresh water Fish Cutlet – without skin & bones – Gross 1 kg Fish Used – Ready to Eat – Snack

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Fresh water  Fish Cutlet – without skin & bones – Gross 1 kg Fish Used – Ready to Eat

Ingredients :

1.  Fresh water Rohu / basa  Fish  – Gross 1 kg Fish Used – cleaned for scales , skin & bones .


steam the fish for 15 minutes.

Now mash it to a fine but coarse paste, now add finely sliced onions, ginger , garlic , curry leaves, coriander leaves fresh, turmeric, red chilli powder little, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, salt to taste, little oregano, basil leaves, coriander powder, fresh garam masala.

Secret : I also use 100 grams of  Prawns to enhance the special fish aroma

add 2-3 spoons of cornflour as a good binding agent

mix all the above ingredients thoroughly.

Now make small balls and then press them in hand  to make  small 50-100 grams patties.

on a gas stow , put a non stick pan, put little oil ,  place the raw  cutlets one by one and fry on slow heat only.  change the sides ocassionally.

they cook fast, just in 15 minutes .

Serve with green mint chutney or chilli garlic sauce or Schezwan sauce.

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