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Dry Sea Fish

Welcome to www.taazameatonline.com, (TMO), your online fresh meat store.
Introducing the New Sun Dried range of Dry fish sourced from fisher man at Visakhapatnam harbour.

We at taazameatonlineare dedicatedly working on ways to provide you with most hygienic source of fish which is free from any preservatives. Thus sourcing dry fish directly from fisherman who dry the fish on their boats as soon as they catch it, thus the fish is naturally dried and free all sand and dust. We sort out the wastages to reduce your time in kitchen. Now you can spend more time with your family without missing your authentic taste.

Try from the wide range of dried prawns, dried pomfret, dried Bombay duck, dried anchovies, and dried salted fish to start with.

Our promise to you: all of our products are without any MSG (tasting salt ajinomoto), No added synthetic colour, No added flavours, No preservatives. We are striving to add many more new varieties to the range, please let us know if you need other fish not in the range.

So, please go ahead and place your orders, NOW!


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